Statement of Intent

The statement of intent is your chance to describe your academic and professional goals in finance. It is your personal expression of what has led you to desire to attend the program and can include life and academic experiences.

As you write your statement, ask yourself, "Would I likely admit this person to graduate school?" Statements are generally one to two typed, double-spaced pages and can be addressed to the Finance Department Admissions Committee.


In the opening statement, describe generally why you are applying to the program.


In the main body of the statement, describe your experiences and how they are a foundation for your work in the Master's in Finance program, how your interest in finance developed, and your undergraduate studies relate to the MMF program. Any academic achievements or specific learning experiences that demonstrate your interest in master's level study and research of finance should be developed.

Your statement will ideally illustrate your initiative and ability to develop ideas, the capacity to work through problems independently, and the determination to achieve your goals. You should clearly and honestly convey that you are qualified and motivated. Describe why you will be successful in the Master's in Finance program, in the coursework, with the master's project and in working with the other student's in the program.


In closing, briefly summarize why you believe you possess the experience and skills to be admitted to the program.

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