AMP-MSF Admission Requirements

Fall 2019 Rising Eller BSBA Finance Seniors

AMP-MSF Admission Requirements

  1. Currently enrolled in FIN412 and FIN421 in Spring 2019.
  2. Will have completed 90 undergraduate credit hours by the end of Spring 2019 semester.
  3. Have and maintain a GPA of 3.5 or higher through graduation and completed a minimum of 12 units of undergraduate credits in the finance major at the University of Arizona’s main campus by Spring 2019.
  4. A minimum combined GPA of 3.5 in FIN 360, ACCT400C, FIN412 and FIN421 (12 units), with B’s or better in each of the four classes.
  5. Completion or near completion of general education requirements.
  6. Submission of a graduate application between May 13 and May 24, 2019 and payment of the UA graduate application fee. Online application available at (degree: Finance (MS)-AMP). Request application details from Kay Ross at
  7. Finance faculty recommendation for AMP-MSF program. Demonstration of the maturity necessary for success in an accelerated, highly competitive program.
  8. Expectation to complete the undergraduate degree in May 2020, including completion of FIN516 and FIN526 courses, OR FIN513 and FIN532 courses (depending on MSF track of study), during the senior year with a grade of B or better.

AMP-MSF Degree & Tuition Policies

  1. Considered an undergraduate student until undergraduate requirements are complete.
  2. Once admitted to AMP-MSF and during the senior year, take 6 units of graduate coursework which will apply toward both the Bachelor’s and the Master’s degrees. Tuition will be charged at the undergraduate rate and students will retain eligibility for undergraduate scholarships.
  3. Enroll in 500-level courses following the Graduate Credit for Seniors Policy.
  4. After completion of all Bachelors’ requirements, granted graduate student status and be charged tuition at the graduate rate. While an undergraduate, students are required to keep their graduate coursework cumulative GPA at 3.0 or higher to be officially admitted to the Master’s program.

MSF Degree Requirements

  1. Complete five 500-level finance courses in each of fall and spring semester, per the chosen track of study (investment management or corporate finance) to complete the 36-unit MS-Finance degree requirement.
  2. Maintain a GPA at 3.0 or higher to graduate.
  3. Expected graduation with the MS-Finance degree in Spring 2021.

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