Prerequisite Requirements

Student StudyingFor non-finance or accounting major students, the following information is provided to outline prerequisite course requirements the Admissions Committee may require you complete before starting the Master's in Finance program.

Courses are offered in two hybrid modules (online and in-class) through the Finance Department and Eller Executive Education (EEE) in the summer (starting in late May) prior to starting the Master's in Finance program.

Prerequisite Courses

Prerequisite requirements are determined by the Finance Department Admissions Committee based on an individual applicant’s background, work experience, transcript, and chosen track within the MSF program. For students who can take courses prior to applying, recommended prerequisite courses can include:

  • ACCT200 taken at The UA within the last three years
  • ACCT400C taken at The UA within the last two years
  • FIN412 or equivalent
  • FIN421 or equivalent

Link to course descriptions at Finance Undergraduate Courses. Please note that ACCT400C, FIN412 and FIN421 are open to Eller College finance majors only. All other students will be required to take the summer course module described below.

Summer Course Module Enrollment Option

For students who have not met the prerequisite requirements as determined by the Finance Department Admissions Committee prior to applying to the MSF program, two modules are offered through UAOC. These are non-credit courses so financial aid is not usually available.

The modules are:

  • FINPREP1: Finance Preparation 1: Accounting and Statistics
    Starts the last Tuesday of May, ends before July 4 with exam
  • FINPREP2: Finance Preparation 2: Finance
    Starts the first Monday of July, ends the second Monday of August with exam
  • Review Exam and Case Study/Presentation on UA Campus, McClelland Hall
    Tuesday and Thursday the week before the start of Fall semester

These modules are required for entering students who demonstrate strong quantitative skills but lack the background and terminology gained in an undergraduate finance program and need to develop these skills in finance prior to joining the program on campus.  These courses are designed to give students the necessary proficiency to be on a par with their peers beginning the MSF program at Eller.

For additional information, please contact us.