Master's Project Topic

Student StudyingOnce you have identified a general topic and teammate, submit a written proposal on the process and product of your master's project using the MSF-FIN909-Agreement Form. Below are some guidelines to help you.


It is important to choose a topic that interests you. During the program coursework, you will be exposed to a broad set of core topics in investments, corporate finance and real estate. During your courses, read current journal articles and magazines on topics that are not fully covered in the coursework as a source of possible master's project topics.

Finance Advisor

Our doctoral student project advisors will schedule regular meetings with you to answer questions and provide feedback on your progress with the project.

Scope and Content

Your project should be much broader in scope than a one-semester class project. Keep in mind that the project is a very important component of the MSF program. You should be proud of your MSF project report and be able to show it to prospective employers.

Timing and Schedule

The project is roughly equivalent to two 3-hour classes. As a guide, every hour spent in a graduate class should mean 3 hours of work outside of class. This means that you should be working on your project 20 to 25 hours per week for two summer semesters. Using the MSF-FIN909-Agreement Form, develop a schedule and timeline of activities to be completed for the project and keep to the schedule.

With direction from the project advisor, you will have weekly goals to meet toward completion of the project. Students will receive a grade of S(uperior), P(ass) or K(incomplete) for Summer I session as a measure of the progress you have made. A grade of K should be considered a warning that you are not on schedule to meet the final deadline. It is important to meet the schedule you set to ensure the project and presentation are ready by the end of Summer II semester during the first week of August. A Grade of S(uperior), P(ass) or F(ail) will be given based on the final project report and presentation.

While the project is intended to be completed in two semesters, there may be unusual circumstances that require a longer time to complete your master's project. However, the project must be completed within one calendar year of the completion of the required 30 hours of coursework for the MSF degree. If the project is not completed within that time, you may receive an E grade for the project and be ineligible (per UA Graduate College requirements) to receive a master's degree.

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