The department has an extensive offering of courses in the finance tracks. All master’s-level finance courses are scheduled to avoid conflicts, giving students the opportunity to select from among all of the 500-level finance courses offered.

Specific course descriptions are available to aid you in your planning. To review the course descriptions, please visit Master's in Finance Course Descriptions.

Blocked Course Registration

Students interested in enrolling in the following courses will need to contact the department for approval.

Current Offerings

Required courses for Master's in Finance students are offered Fall and Spring semesters. Select elective courses are offered during Fall and Spring. A normal offering of classes is provided below. To review the course descriptions, please visit Master's in Finance Course Descriptions.

Fall Semester

  • FIN 512. Advanced Corporate Finance (prerequisite for FIN532)
  • FIN 513. Valuation Modeling (prerequisite for FIN532)
  • FIN 515. Venture Capital
  • FIN 516. Financial Statement Analysis for Investment Management
  • FIN 518. Investment Banking
  • FIN 521. Investment Analysis (prerequisite for or concurrent with FIN522 and FIN526)
  • FIN 522. Advanced Risk Management and Derivatives (prerequisite for FIN524 Risk)
  • FIN 523A*. Applied Portfolio Management
  • FIN 536. New Venture Finance
  • FIN 542. Fixed Income (prerequisite for FIN544 and FIN545)
  • LAW 611G. Financial Regulation

Spring Semester

  • FIN 514. International Finance
  • FIN 523B*. Applied Portfolio Management
  • FIN 524. Applied Risk Management
  • FIN 525. Empirical Finance Methods
  • FIN 526. Portfolio Management Theory
  • FIN 531. Financial Intermediaries
  • FIN 532. Corporate Finance Strategy
  • FIN 560. Real Property

All courses are three units. 
Course offerings are subject to change.

*Students accepted to FIN523A make a one-year commitment and also complete FIN523B in the Spring semester.

For additional information, please contact us.