Accelerated Master's Program (AMP-MSF)

Complete It in Just 9 Months!

The Master of Science in Finance (MSF) degree at The University of Arizona now offers an Accelerated Master's Program (AMP-MSF) for current undergraduate BSBA-Finance students in Eller College. The AMP-MSF allows students to complete the MSF degree in two semesters (Fall and Spring following completion of the BSBA).

Once accepted into the AMP-MSF, you can take either FIN 516, Financial Statement and Analysis in fall semester and FIN524, Portfolio Theory in spring semester OR FIN 513, Valuation Modeling in fall semester and FIN 532, Corporate Finance Strategy in spring semester as two of your finance senior electives. These two courses depend on your track of study in the MSF program and will count toward both your BSBA-Finance and MS-Finance degree requirements. With successful completion of these two courses and 10 courses in fall and spring semesters in the MSF program, you will be able to graduate with your MSF degree in May 2020.

Second semester finance majors with a GPA of 3.5 or higher in FIN360 and ACCT400C may be considered for the program. A GPA of 3.5 or higher in FIN360, ACCT400C, FIN412 and FIN421 is required to formally apply. Additional details are attached.

Applications will be required between May 13 and May 24 for Fall 2019 admission to the AMP-MSF program. Your application will be based solely on your transcript, resume, and statement of intent. If you are interested in proceeding, please email Kay Ross at no later than March 1 for specifics on how to proceed. A checklist on the process is provided here.

The curriculum you are studying in your undergraduate program will establish a foundation of quantitative knowledge and has been carefully designed to develop the way you think of the world. If you want to move into the finance field and want to develop your skills in analysis or to specialize in the area of investment management or corporate finance, you have an opportunity to immerse yourself in finance and expand your knowledge through the MSF program.

As a current undergraduate student, the cost of studying an additional year in a master’s program will never be lower – there is no need to stop your career soon after it has started nor to move to another city to study. On behalf of the Finance faculty, it is my pleasure to invite you to speak to any of us about the new AMP-MSF program and the questions you may have about the two semester course of study.

For additional information, please contact us.